French Bull "Delicious" Milk Chocolate Art Bars|

Where Design Meets Chocolate

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Paul Pruett has a knack for fusing pop culture and design with milk and dark chocolate. The CEO of Praim Group collaborates with fun, famous designers who create … [Read More...]

StuffNMallows Smores for glamping |

S’mores for Glamping

Full disclosure: I don't enjoy camping and I'm fine with "roasting" marshmallows in the microwave. I believe this makes me a glamper. Don't get me wrong. I don't rough it at the Four Seasons, but I … [Read More...]

Juicy Fruit Candy Wrapper Dress |

Candy Couture: 8 Dresses Made With Candy Wrappers

Turning candy wrappers into high fashion is a rite of passage at Chicago-based Candyality sweet shops. Terese McDonald, owner of Candyality, has been creating candy wrapper dresses, shoes, and … [Read More...]

Twilight Delight Chocolate Bundt Cake made with Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate |

Twilight Delight Chocolate Bundt Cake

This double chocolate Bundt cake has serious history. It came from my grandmother, who made it for my birthday when I was in high school. She got it from my Great Uncle Harry who baked almost … [Read More...]

Ellia Kassoff

Four Big Brands Make Sweet Comeback!

Ellia Kassoff is officially the Comeback King. In 2010, the CEO of Leaf Brands LLC brought Astro Pops back from the dead, and this year he's bringing back four more classic brands: Wacky Wafers, … [Read More...]

Wonka Random Gummy Candy

Wonka’s New Randoms Gummy Candy Is Pure FUN

I think Wonka hit it out of the park with its new Randoms Gummy Candy. Last week while burning through Target, I literally ran into an end cap stocked with these gummies. The bright green and … [Read More...]

Elephant Cookies on a bed of Circus Peanuts

Go Nuts with Circus Peanuts!

  Here is a super simple, yet fun way to display cookies for a circus-themed party. 1. Bake elephant-shaped cut-out cookies. (I used Sweetopia’s Chocolate Sugar Cut-Out Cookie Recipe, … [Read More...]

Planet Lollipops

Candy Maker Hits It Big with Edible Image Lollipops

Like many modern entrepreneurs, Heather Kelly got her start on Etsy. In 2008, the full-time working mom was making fortune cookies, caramels, chocolates, and marshmallow confections at night and … [Read More...]