The Evolution of Edible Containers

Back in the ’80s, I remember when “eat the bowl” Taco Salads were all the rage on restaurant menus.

Taco Salad Bowl

Photo: Fryes Restaurant

Then came bread bowls brimming with savory soups and chili.

Panera Bread Bowl

Photo: Panera Bread

Followed up by lettuce cups filled with various items like pasta, chicken, and tuna salad.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Soon after garden bowl mania, the world of sweets caught on to the edible container trend.

Hard candy and Gummy Shot Glasses were manufactured.

Gummy and Hard Candy Shot Glasses

Photos: (from l.) Melville Candy Company,

Sprinkle Bakes blogged about a Chocolate Vessel cleverly conceived from a balloon. Chocolate Vessel


Chef Dominique Ansel invented the Cookie Shot.

Dominique Ansel Bakery Cookie Shot

Photo: Dominique Ansel Bakery

And, most recently, Dr. Oetker, a baking brand based in the U.K., launched the gluten-free edible cupcake liner.

Edible Cupcake Liners

Photo: Dr. Oetker

I’m not surprised edible baking cups have arrived. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for these wafer-like baking cups or something similar to pop up in the United States. (If you’ve had a chance to try out the new Euro-chic cupcake liners, leave a comment after this post. I’d love to know how they taste. Yum or yuck.)

So, what’s next for edible containers? Waffle cones, chocolate cups, cupcake liners, and gummy shot glasses are well beyond the Shark Tank.  I think it’s time for another savory vessel, like edible beer steins made out of pretzel dough with a sea salt rim. That could shake things up at Oktoberfest.


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