Rock Candy Party Favors

Check out these super simple DIY Rock Candy Party Favors, which are perfect for a child’s rainbow or craft theme birthday party.

Just fill clear cello bags with colorful rock candy sticks, card stock, and safety scissors. Bam! Rock, Paper, Scissors Party Favors are done. These fun goody bags would also be great for dreary rainy days when the sun is nowhere in sight.

Rock, Paper Scissors Party Favors!  Make with rock candy, colorful paper, and safety scissors. Instant party fun! |

For my party favors, I used 6-inch Rock Candy Sticks, Crayola Safety Scissors, 6.5-inch x 4.5-inch card stock, clear cello bags, white circular tags, and matching ribbon.

Rock Candy Party Favors are perfect for Rainbow parties!|

Inside each bag, I did sneak in three Crayola Colored Pencils. (You can see the tips of a few pencils behind the card stock in my top photo.) This obviously deviates from “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” but I felt the need to incorporate drawing into my party packs. :)

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Vendor Credits

Rock Candy Sticks:  S.P. Enterprises (available in 36-piece tubs at

Safety Scissors: Crayola

Colored Pencils: Crayola

Cello Bags with White Tags: Wilton

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