Wonka’s New Randoms Gummy Candy Is Pure FUN

Wonka Randoms Gummy Candy | Sweeterville.com

I think Wonka hit it out of the park with its new Randoms Gummy Candy.

Last week while burning through Target, I literally ran into an end cap stocked with these gummies. The bright green and purple bag that screams “New!” and “Randoms” really did stop me in my tracks, which led to the impulse buy. And, since I like the concept of surprise in a bag, this purchase was a no-brainer.

Wonka Randoms Gummi Candy 10 oz. pack

Each 10-oz. bag contains a random assortment of gummy shapes and flavors. The bag I brought home had five of seven total flavors: lemon, grape, orange, strawberry, and cherry. As far as I know, my kids and I didn’t come across citrus or raspberry, so I’m guessing those two flavors are holding out for my next impulse buy.

I can honestly say that these gummies have great flavor (not too tart or sweet) and just the right amount of chew. Not too gooey (yuck!) or tough.

The best part, though, are all of the fun shapes. We came across sunglasses, roller skates, Christmas trees, crocodiles, crowns, trash cans, pigs, trains, acorns, and more. So bizarre and random. What’s not to love?

Randoms would be ideal for the classic birthday party game where you place random items on a tray, give kids 30 seconds to review the tray, then have them write down what they remember. Winner takes all gummies!

Just an FYI: Wonka’s Randoms do contain wheat, so they are not gluten-free. They also contain real fruit juice, but no Vitamin C is declared on the Nutrition Facts. So, Randoms aren’t technically a “fruit snack,” but they are fun for summer … and there’s something to be said for that.

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