S’mores for Glamping

StuffNMallows Smores for glamping | Sweeterville.comFull disclosure: I don’t enjoy camping and I’m fine with “roasting” marshmallows in the microwave. I believe this makes me a glamper.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t rough it at the Four Seasons, but I will always choose a Priceline hotel room over a tent. I think my aversion to camping stems from my Girl Scout days when every overnight included torrential rain. Wet, yucky mess.

Even so, I do love a good s’more. This led me on a quest to create s’mores for fellow glampers. Something a bit more indulgent than the classic … like Toblerone on Nilla Wafers.

Toberlerone Smores for glamping | Sweeterville.com

The following six splendiferous s’more “recipes” can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen or hotel room as long as a microwave or stove-top flame are in range.

The Nillerone S’more (Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar + Marshmallows + Nilla Wafers) This mini treat is best made by microwaving a single, regular-sized marshmallow for 10 to 15 seconds. As soon as the marshmallow doubles in size, spread half of it on the bottom of one Nilla Wafer, add a Toblerone chocolate triangle, top the chocolate with the remaining marshmallow, and finish with another Nilla Wafer. This will create a tall bite as the Toblerone triangles won’t melt all the way through, but that’s what makes it so good. The combination of Toblerone’s crunchy honey-almond nougat and ooey-gooey marshmallow is exceptional.

Toblerone Nilla Wafer Smore for Glamping | Sweeterville.com

The Barking Peanut S’more (BarkThins Milk Chocolate Peanut with Sea Salt + Marshmallows + Graham Crackers) If you haven’t tried BarkThins snacking chocolate, zip out to Costco for an in-store sample. BarkThins are addictive (warning!), and a great choice for s’mores. The chocolate is high-quality and the pieces are thin, so they melt evenly under a roasted marshmallow’s heat.

BarkThins Smores for glamping | Sweeterville.com

The Popping S’more (Chuao Milk Chocolate Pop Corn Pop Bar + Marshmallows + Nilla Wafers) Chuao is a specialty chocolatier known for out-of-the-ordinary flavor combinations. A perfect fit for my “S’mores for Glamping” experiment. I picked the chocolatier’s Pop Corn Pop Bar because it includes puffed whole grains, toasted corn chips, popping candy, and a sprinkle of sea salt in creamy milk chocolate. Seemed like a no-brainer for summer. With each bite, you really do get a popping sensation in your mouth. Who needs fireworks when you have this in your arsenal?

Chuao Milk Chocolate Popcorn Smore for glamping | Sweeterville.com

The Coco-Butter S’more (Lindt Excellent Coconut Bar + Marshmallows + Salerno Butter Cookies) If you love coconut, you will be pleased with Lindt’s Excellence Dark Chocolate Coconut bar sandwiched between melted marshmallows and butter cookies. Special note: A little of this ultra-rich Lindt bar goes a long way, so consider half a square for each s’more.

Lindt Coconut Butter Cookie Smore | Sweeterville.com

The Toasted Sport S’more (Ritter Sport Chocolate Minis + Melster’s Coconut Toasties + Salerno Butter Cookies) I road-tested this “recipe” with three different Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate Minis flavors: Cornflakes, Butter Biscuit, and Chopped Hazelnuts. The cute and colorful Minis are sold individually at The Fresh Market or you can buy them online at Candywarehouse.com. I came to the conclusion that “Cornflakes” pairs best with toasted coconut marshmallows and butter cookies. The other two varieties are a nice match for traditional marshmallows and graham crackers.

Ritter Sport Coconut Marshmallow Smores for glamping | Sweeterville.com

The Simply Stuffed S’more (Stuff’n Mallows + Graham Crackers) Three students from Colorado State University dreamed up Stuff’n Mallows (homemade marshmallows stuffed with chocolate chips) for a class project. The project was an overwhelming success, which led to a legit business. That business has expanded into a whole line of gourmet marshmallow infusions. It’s the easiest—and quite possibly the most delicious—way to make s’mores. Just heat, eat, repeat.

StuffNSmores and graham crackers for glamping | Sweeterville.com

Here is a look at Stuff’n Mallows straight from my glamorous microwave. Yummy, huh?

StuffNMallows Smores for glamping | Sweeterville.com

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