Go Nuts with Circus Peanuts!


Elephant Cookies with Circus Peanuts | Sweeterville.com

Here is a super simple, yet fun way to display cookies for a circus-themed party.

1. Bake elephant-shaped cut-out cookies. (I used Sweetopia’s Chocolate Sugar Cut-Out Cookie Recipe, and cut it in half, which yielded 16 cookies.)

2. “Glue” on candy pearls and flowers with Royal Icing (I used Bake at 350’s Royal Icing Recipe). SweetWorks has beautiful candy pearls in multiple colors that you can purchase online or at Party City.

3. Line a display tray with wax paper.

4. Place circus peanuts over wax paper with a little bit of space between each peanut. (I used three 7-oz. bags of Melster’s Circus Peanuts, which covered the tray perfectly. Two 12 oz. bags of Spangler’s Circus Peanuts would also work well.)

5. Top circus peanuts with elephant cookies.

6. Watch parents become kids again.

Tray of Elephant Cookies with Circus Peanuts | Sweeterville.com


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