Sweet New Candy: Linky Doodles


Pink Linky Doodles Candy Chains | Sweeterville.com

Tired of stringing popcorn and cranberries to make garland? No worries. Linky Doodles Candy Chains have arrived!

These clever candy links are similar to a candy cane, but shaped like a “C.” Each piece is handmade in the United States and individually wrapped so candies won’t get sticky while handling.

Linky Doodles Candy Chain Display | Sweeterville.com

Linky Doodles come in five varieties: Pink (cherry flavor), Blue (cherry flavor), Rainbow (cherry flavor), Pearl White (vanilla mint flavor), and Candy Cane (peppermint flavor).

The party-perfect candies are ideal for dressing up a baby shower,  birthday, wedding,  or pink bear …

Pink Bear With Linky Doodles Necklace | Sweeterville.com

These edible links can also be turned into napkin holders, cake decorations, and drink accessories (just dangle one off the side of a glass or mug). If your name begins with “C,” the options are endless. Seriously.

Each 14.1 oz box includes 28 links, which makes about 5.5 feet of garland.  To make the necklace for the pink bear, I used 17 links. I tried it on myself, and the candy chain fit just like it did on the bear. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, so I’ll let you be the judge.

Linky Doodles are packaged between layers of foam wrap, and arrived at my house with zero breakage. Here’s a shot of me unwrapping the goods …

Linky Doodles Candy Chains Packaging | Sweeterville.com

I found all five varieties of Linky Doodles at Candywarehouse.com.


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