Blue and purple candy buffet table

Secrets to Creating a Stunning Candy Buffet

Creating a beautiful candy buffet is easy for Lauren Bialek-Sachs, owner of Sweet City Candy. She and her team have helped hundreds of party planners and brides create extraordinary weddings and … [Read More...]

Edible Cupcake Liners from Dr. Oetker's

The Evolution of Edible Containers

Back in the '80s, I remember when "eat the bowl" Taco Salads were all the rage on restaurant menus. Then came bread bowls brimming with savory soups and chili. Followed up by lettuce … [Read More...]

Long Grove Confectionery in Long Grove, IL |

Saving Long Grove Confectionery

I love this story. Last May, Craig Leva, president and ceo of Chicago-based Arway Confections, got an out-of-the-blue e-mail asking if he would be interested in buying Long Grove Confectionery. He … [Read More...]

Melville Cream-sicles Lollipops

Top 10 Coolest Candies for Summer

When the summer sun heats up, so do colorful candy options. The Sweeterville team (me and my four-legged furball) blazed through this year's crop of summery sweets and came up with a top 10 list to … [Read More...]

Rock, Paper Scissors Party Favors! Make with rock candy, colorful paper, and safety scissors. Instant party fun! |

Rock Candy Party Favors

Check out these super simple DIY Rock Candy Party Favors, which are perfect for a child's rainbow or craft theme birthday party. Just fill clear cello bags with colorful rock candy sticks, card … [Read More...]

Stanley Cup Cakes topped with Mini York Peppermint Patty Pucks

Stanley Cup Cakes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In my house, hockey is a main attraction. My son has played the sport for several seasons, and our family has grown to love ice cold rinks, piping hot chocolate, and … [Read More...]

Starburst Minis Cake Tiles Tutorial

How to Tile a Cake With Starburst Minis!

I just did a guest post over at! The tutorial shows how to "tile" a cake and "sew" a cake bunting using vibrant Starburst Minis. For real. Click here to check out this fun and … [Read More...]

Surprise Inside Cookie Dough |

Surprise Inside Egg-less Cookie Dough Ice Cream Buddies

Follow my blog with BloglovinEver since I watched the Shark Tank episode with the edible cookie dough makers, I’ve had egg-less cookie dough on the brain. And, ever since Mars came out with Twix Bites … [Read More...]